The Gardening Team

The Flete Estate gardening team have had a busy autumn at Holbeton primary school.  Starting in the summer holidays, they spent a week clearing brambles, bindweed, and overgrown trees which were spoiling the children’s enjoyment of their play area, and radically pruned a huge laurel hedge which was encroaching on the Year 1 outdoor classroom.  We discovered the original plans drawn for the sensory garden, vegetable patch, gazebo and pollinators flower beds.  After term started we went back for another week, and installed the sundial, bird feeders, rain gauge and thermometer, and finished off with a smart new layer of wood bark mulch.

This flurry of activity inspired parent Den Collier, who started up a garden club, and together he and the excited children planted seven hundred bulbs to provide spring colour and pollen for the early bumble bees.  In the meantime, the children are looking after lots of house plants and spring hyacinths in the classroom.

School gardens project