Holbeton village school annual pre Christmas fair.

The children of Holbeton village school  were in a state of great excitement this evening, for their annual pre Christmas fair. The playground was decked out in fairy lights, the barbecue was going strong turning out hamburgers and sausages and a delicious smell of spiced wine was wafting around the classrooms. Children were licking amazing black icing from sticky cakes, and parents getting stuck in to delicious still warm banana bread . Everyone wondered why half the playground was taped off until………the most enormous red tractor, decked with a christmas tree with flashing lights, and driven by Father Christmas assisted by one of his elves dressed in green drove into the playground. The tractor, which had been loaned by MST at Lee Mill, was driven to school by Ryan Frampton, who works at MST with his father Andrew. He is the third generation of his family to have been educated at Holbeton School. His grandfather Donald was the Foreman of the Flete Estate maintenance staff, and worked for the Estate all his life until his retirement.

Santa Clause and Tractor at Holbeton School