Christmas Decorations

Flete Estate is gearing up for Christmas.  All our houses are expecting visitors for Christmas, so nine trees are ordered, ranging from little 3 foot trees for the Coastguards Cottages, 8 foot for Pamflete and Mothecombe and a 20 foot tree for Holbeton Church.  Out scouting for holly with berries, I find the birds have had most of them during this cold snap of weather, so we may have to resort to a little man-made mixed in.  Dozen of tea lights are waiting to fill the lovely decorative votives I enjoyed buying from the White Company, and a steadily growing pile of fir cones are drying in the stables, waiting to be sprayed gold and silver.

Christmas Decorations at Pamflete House
Driftwood Christmas tree at Pamflete House
Christmas Decorations at Pamflete House
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