Autumn Jobs at Mothecombe Gardens

It’s time for some autumn jobs in Mothecombe gardens. The Gunnera need winter protection for their crowns, and this is provided by chopping down their huge umbrella-like leaves, with their thick spiny stems, and piling them over the plants. In spring, they stir into life again, with their Jurassic-looking flowers appearing first and growing several inches a day. Then the massive leaves expand to their full glory, reaching a diameter of 6 feet across, with fearsome prickles on their thick, fleshy stems. They make a great hiding place for the mallard who nests under their protective cover every spring, and proudly paddles forth for their first outing when they hatch, only to dive for cover when our aquatic dog plunges in to investigate.

Massive gunnera at Mothecombe
Gunnera protected for winter