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News from Mothecombe Gardens

The plants are stirring here, snowdrops and hellebores have been out for a week, the camellias are in full flower 2 months early, valerian on the walls, occasional primroses. In the glass house, the cuttings are looking great, and I have dozens of echiums and white foxgloves growing on to give away in Spring in my "Making Holbeton Bee Friendly” project. I stress, that I am not keeping honey bees in hives, but I want to help all our pollinators, which comprise dozens of different bees and moths. I have also bough forty packets of seeds, and will be sowing more bee friendly plants in spring to grow and give away if they germinate successfully. To this end, I have invited a bee expert, Brigit Strawbridge to give a talk in the village hall on Friday 24th April at 7pm about the different bees, their life cycle, enemies, vital role in pollinating our food, and how we can support them in our gardens . If you are interested, check her out on: talks.


Shelley Castle reminds us what is so special about November and the beauty of the Flete Estate in autumn
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