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Yellow Days

Spring’s been in the air for a long while, but with this extended period of warm sun it’s feeling like mid Summer. The flowers have responded with blindingly showy displays – driving is dangerous because I keep looking in awe at them by the roadside, on top of which the route to school involves spotting Yellowhammers, one of my favourite birds. Even the humble Dandelion (from the French dent-de-lion) which provides great nectar for our bees seems to be pushing the limits of taste with it’s burnished yellow show. The Dandelion also provides us with useful food – edible in its entirety. Shame we seem hell bent on weeding it out and shaving the flowers off on our verges when it’s in its prime.

I’ve been working in nearby Torbay for the past month where I’ve just finished a series of Wild Parkour events. 17 youngsters aged between 8-17 have been free-running along the coast, woodland and WWII gun station at Battery Gardens. A hungry bunch they were too - but luckily we were helped by Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust to identify which seaweeds are edible and how to harvest them leaving the plants happy. And we ate wild garlic pesto that I’d made, tasted a few violets and primroses for sweetness and generally thought that Devon was an ‘allright’ place to live.

No wonder as people living with the seasons we rise up with the sun as the temperature warms, there’s an almost palpable sense of relief. We’ve made it through winter – we have the hope of abundance and the ability to be outdoors without shelter.

We’ve got it made.


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