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Shelley’s pre Christmas musings . . .

I've been lobotomized by the Christmas Fairy for a while now and have been turning out daft home made decorations.  This is entirely because I've been cooped up with glitter, a virus and my sick offspring for three weeks, rather than because I'm a superficial mother with too much time on my hands.

But when there's been a window of health during this foggy bug-filled time, we have ventured out into the suddenly very festive ambience of December for a walk here and there.  The low sun is golden - a ridiculously beautiful light bathing greens and greys in a pre-Raphaelite glow, picking out the details on moss and lichen, veins in leaves, setting black silhoutettes of trees against the watercolour winter skies.

Thankfully amidst the fireside craft sessions I've been working outdoors in the stunning Flete Walled Garden.  The hazel leaves have left the earth in there a rich, almost edible deep soft brown, and even as a novice gardener I can tell that it's the sort of stuff plants love.  Whilst digging today I realised how fantastic it is to have to wait for something, like a snowdrop to nudge through the earth or Christmas, and what a privilege it is to be close to the natural world on a daily basis.


Shelley Castle reminds us what is so special about November and the beauty of the Flete Estate in autumn
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