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Shelley’s July journal - Birthdays on the Beach

It's not only the weather that's hotting up.  With a show opening at Torquay Museum (see link below) and a new project starting last week in Brixham (see also below link to the organisation I work with), I have to put my hands up and say things have been slipping a bit.  The children have started going feral, well more feral than usual, and the studio looks like some witches lair with brambles, ferns and Cow Parsley all creeping towards the building with what feels like slightly sinister intent.

Meanwhile there are birthdays, cob ovens to repair and general outdoor shenanigans to entertain.  We spend all our birthdays on Wonwell beach now, whatever the weather.  Some of our friend are joining in the tradition too - the cake with its edible flower decorations and a loaf baked by a dear friend made their way there the other weekend for a swimming, badminton, camping birthday party never to forget. 

As my friend said afterwards, the Wonwell swimming sessions are becoming legendary.  Mine in January was bracing to say the least, and my son's 13th swim with his mates this Saturday was spectacular in the beautiful July sunshine.  But being close to the natural world helps mark our important dates in a way nothing else can.


In Shelley Castle’s July Journal she tells us about her new show in Torquay and celebrations on the beach in this heavenly July sun…CLICK HERE to read more.

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