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News from Mothecombe garden this October

Anne Mildmay-White lets us know how things are going in the Gardens at Mothecombe this autumn;

We have had a busy and successful year in the gardens, with seven open days, the village fete and numerous private tours, enabling us to give nearly £15,000 to various charities.

Did you know there are 24 different species of bumblebee ?
We have also been busy planting “bee friendly” flowers to add to the existing flowering shrubs, and wild flowers and “weed” flowers which are so necessary for the survival of our bees and butterflies. With encouragement from Holbeton Cottage Garden society, I am hoping to persuade people in Holbeton to plant for bees, making Holbeton a “bee friendly” village. I am planning to invite Brigit Strawbridge to give us a talk about bees, early next year followed by a garden Open Day at which I will give away bee friendly flowers to help people to get started. We are also hoping to liaise with the school, and show the children how to make “houses” for solitary bees. I am also planning to invite Brigit to give an All Day workshop on bees at Mothecombe in May.

We have also agreed to participate in a hedgehog rehoming project, and make the walled gardens a secure place for amputee hedgehogs to protect them from badgers. So…busy times ahead!


News from Mothecombe garden this October – Anne Mildmay-White tells us how it's going down in the bee garden as they prepare for some prickly friends to take up residence! CLICK HERE to read more…

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