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The Joys of Mothecombe Garden…

On the evening of the Spring Solstice, I accidently made some friends a completely green meal – with a lush vibrant wild garlic pesto that made us feel like we were eating pure sunshine.  These new garlic leaves reaching up in the woods join a general shift in the air as green tendrils unfurl across the countryside, heralding a drive to photosynthesize and make use of the longer, lighter days as plants build their energy and strength for reproduction.

Flowers too are getting sassy in their multitude of forms - blousy, bold, subtle, and everything in between.  A very good place to catch their displays is Mothecombe Garden; open each month for much of this year, and a place seemingly blissfully unaware of any recent storms.  Huge magnolia’s reach for heady blue skies, cherry blossom hums with bees and the banks of wildflowers look like a medieval seamstresses dream. Click here to find out the garden open days at Mothecombe.

As usual the children loved the day out at Mothecombe - they have an uncanny way of seeing and enjoying the natural world with imaginative and inquiring eyes.  I am not looking forward to the time when I find myself usually walking without them, as I know that the walks will be a far duller affair.

But that’s the nature of things – comings and goings, and cycles that can feel like loss but really mean new starts.  Spring is a great time to revel in these natural cycles, and what better place to do that than out in the optimistic buzz that is April in Devon.


The Joys of Mothecombe Garden in April - CLICK HERE to read more...

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