Mothecombe whale

Joanne Curtis reminded me of the whale that was washed up on Mothecombe Beach many years ago.  It was wedged between the rocks in front of the old WW2 sentry box beyond the beach teahouse.  I remember it was about 10 – 12 feet long and we identified it as a Beluga whale.  These are normally found off the coast of Canada.  As owners of Mothecombe private beach, it was the Flete Estate’s responsibility to dispose of the whale carcass which was beginning to decompose.  We had to cut it up with a chainsaw, and shovel it on to a trailer with a farm digger.  Then we drove it into the city tip in Chelson Meadow.  As the farm tractor and trailer sat in a traffic jam at Laira Bridge in the high summer sunshine, the stench was powerful.

Just another day in the life on Flete Estate!

Mothecombe old bathing pool from WW2 pillbox
Old School Tea House café Mothecombe
Old Mr Burch on Mothecombe Beach
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